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Making the Case for Tenant Insurance

Tenant Insurance

-+*In recent years, housing trends have been skewed more in favor of renting rather than owning. This has also meant a dramatic rise in the need for both property owners and renters alike to get insurance to cover themselves in case of theft, emergency or disasters that could abruptly damage or destroy property or belongings. […]

Property Management Benefits for Renters

Tenancy Agreement

-+*Property management services, despite what the name may imply, aren’t designed solely for property owners. At Garner Properties & Management, we can help those looking for a new location for their business or the perfect home find exactly what they need, but the benefits of working with us don’t stop on moving day. Last month […]

Resources for Your Housing Search

Rental Property Search

-+*Finding a new home or apartment is often a major hassle. You have to try and identify the ideal places for you based on the needs of your commute to work, social obligations, children, affordability and more. Fortunately, this searching process has become much more manageable and adaptable in recent years with more and more property […]

Tax Benefits of Using a Property Manager

Tax Benefits

-+*Every year, we all pay our taxes. With rental properties, this can sometimes lead to a hairy mess, tracking payments, expenditures and depreciation of your assets. However, using a property manager to help with your rental investments can make filing your taxes a less stressful affair. First and foremost among those benefits is the organization […]

Marketing Your Property: Ensuring Your Property Stays Occupied

Rental Sign

-+*Unoccupied buildings aren’t good for anyone when it comes to property management. A vacant property accrues no income in the form of rent, and can be vulnerable to vandalism and pest intrusions. That’s why it’s important to keep the vacancy period between tenants to a minimum. At Garner Properties & Management, we employ a multifaceted […]

How Property Managers Can Help in Legal Situations

Legal Housing Services

-+*At Garner Properties & Management, we understand that issues sometimes arise with your property or with tenants that may require additional legal action. This can range from unruly or disrespectful tenants who have caused disturbances to appealing a municipal tax assessment or violation. As part of our integrated property management services, we have retained a […]

Property Management Benefits for Owners

Saving Money

-+*Taking care of maintaining, finding occupants and keeping up with your rental property is a sometimes difficult and trying process. The day-to-day work involved may seem minor at first, but headaches and renter difficulties can arise at a moment’s notice, demanding your attention. By employing a property management company like Garner Properties to take care […]