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Understanding Your Security Deposit

Security Deposit

-+*A common practice at many rental properties is requiring a security deposit from new tenants. This deposit is intended to be returned to tenants when they leave, except for deductions for any acceptable expenses that the landlord incurs for cleaning or repairing tenant-caused damages or other approved purposes. There are certain guidelines in each state […]

Property Management Benefits for Renters

Tenancy Agreement

-+*Property management services, despite what the name may imply, aren’t designed solely for property owners. At Garner Properties & Management, we can help those looking for a new location for their business or the perfect home find exactly what they need, but the benefits of working with us don’t stop on moving day. Last month […]

Resources for Your Housing Search

Rental Property Search

-+*Finding a new home or apartment is often a major hassle. You have to try and identify the ideal places for you based on the needs of your commute to work, social obligations, children, affordability and more. Fortunately, this searching process has become much more manageable and adaptable in recent years with more and more property […]