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Find the Right Tenants with HELP-U-RENT

June 22nd, 2015 garnerproperties

One of the most trying and difficult parts of managing your own property can be finding and securing tenants. The last thing you want is to get tenants into your home only to struggle with late or missing payments or damaged property. While this is always a potential risk with any tenancy, screening and getting background checks and references on any potential occupant can help put your mind at ease.

This isn’t always a simple prospect. Performing background and credit checks on your rental applicants takes time and money, both of which may be at a premium in your day-to-day schedule. That’s where Garner Properties & Management can help with our HELP-U-RENT program. Take a look at how we can help!


The first step in finding tenants is just that – finding them – or at least positioning your property so that they can find you. With the HELP-U-RENT program, we will include your property in our full-service marketing campaigns, including listings on multiple websites, the shared MLS database used by real estate professionals and other advertising outlets. This will help get your property visible as on the market, and help attract prospective tenants. We will also manage incoming inquiries and calls about your home, and even handle on-site showings with interested applicants with one of our licensed agents.


After locating a potential renter, we will start working on completing a thorough vetting of their qualifications and credentials. This process includes performing a background check and credit check on all applicants, as well as calling on rental references whenever possible.  If we find a tenant isn’t a good fit, we will reject them and keep your property on the market until we find the right tenants for you. If they are approved, however, we will provide a copy of our full report to you as part of the HELP-U-RENT service.

Lease and occupancyHELP-U-RENT

After vetting and verifying your new tenants, we also handle all the final logistics and details of your rental process. This includes reviewing and signing the lease with your renters, meeting with them at your home to provide them with the keys to the property and providing any move-in kit materials or legal documentation necessary. Once the final paperwork is completed, we return a comprehensive package of information to you, including copies of all reports and the lease for you to manage.

Following completion of the HELP-U-RENT program, the property is fully yours to manage without the stress of marketing and screening. You will manage all rent collection, renewals of leases, maintenance and any questions of needs from your tenants. For the cost of your property’s first month’s rent, we can take the hassle and worry out of renting your home and make it as smooth and stress-free a process as possible for you.

Find out more about the HELP-U-RENT program – or our full range of end-to-end property management solutions – today by giving us a call at 800-767-2386 or reach out to us online!

Written by garnerproperties

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