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Marketing Your Property: Ensuring Your Property Stays Occupied

May 26th, 2015 garnerproperties
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Unoccupied buildings aren’t good for anyone when it comes to property management. A vacant property accrues no income in the form of rent, and can be vulnerable to vandalism and pest intrusions. That’s why it’s important to keep the vacancy period between tenants to a minimum. At Garner Properties & Management, we employ a multifaceted approach to advertising every property we manage to ensure that apartments, homes and commercial properties are found by would-be occupants and quickly rented. Here’s a look at some of the key advantages of our main marketing channels.

Internet marketing

Through our online marketing channels, we can place listings for your property on our digital database, providing a single resource for all of our prospective tenants to search and find your vacant location. We also work closely with more than 45 different websites that generate in excess of 1.2 million views each month. We also market listings with the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, which is used nationwide by real estate agencies to find properties.

On the ground

Another great way to let potential residents know your property is available is to advertise it physically for passersby to see. Often, while seeking a new residence, people will visit a few neighborhoods to look for homes that are up for rent. We recognize this, and use our marketing signs to highlight homes that are on the market for prospective renters to see. This foot traffic – plus the word of mouth by neighbors and others who see your property for rent – helps move your property back off the vacancy market quickly.

Use the newsRental Sign

We also make sure that your residence or business property is seen through one of the oldest and most trustworthy methods: Newspaper advertising. Every week, we run ads and listings in major regional newspapers as well as small, neighborhood and local news outlets to ensure that your property is well advertised to readers looking to find open listings.

Placement services and Section 8

Each week, we work closely with many large organizations tasked with relocating people and families for insurance reasons or as part of corporate promotion and relocation packages. We also have great relationships with different placement services that provide additional leads and opportunities to promote your property to new tenants. Plus, we send a full copy of all our leads that are eligible for Section 8 housing occupancy each week to local government offices to distribute to those looking for housing services.

Database digging

Garner Properties also maintains a full database of all previous prospective tenants who have worked with us, allowing us to tap into our information on those looking for residences or commercial space and leverage it to ensure your property is occupied. By using our existing database information, we also help expedite the process, as these candidates have often been previously screened and approved through our offices.

Seeing is believing

We also help showcase your property by creating a full video walk-through, giving those looking for a new home or business location a chance to see your property digitally at any time. By checking out our videos, tenants can get a good idea of the layout and amenities your property offers, and allows them to more quickly decide whether a property is the best option for them.

With such an array of marketing channels, you’re sure to see your property quickly occupied in case of any vacancy, making sure that you can continue to benefit from your investment home or commercial space. For more information on our marketing, or for more information on how we can help you with your tenant or property search, contact us today!

Written by garnerproperties

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