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Moving: A Great Hassle, but a Fantastic Workout

September 3rd, 2015 garnerproperties
Moving on Stairs

Moving is a major hassle no matter how many times you do it. You have to box, bag and bundle everything up, load it all into your car or truck –perhaps taking multiple trips – and then unload, unbox and completely unpack at your destination. Despite the stress, there are a few silver linings to moving, among them being the extensive workout routine that comes with your actual moving day. Take a look at how moving days may be some of your most strenuous and beneficial workout days during your year.

Carrying BoxOverall Steps

The key to fitness, by some perspectives, is increasing your daily step count. The thought is that the more steps you take, the further you walk, and the more calories you burn. When you’re moving, you’re definitely taking many more steps than usual – a fact proved recently with concrete figures from a Boston area moving company foreman.

Chip Caspreac, according to a recent article, wore his Fitbit for the entire second half of last month, which tracked his daily step count as he moved countless clients’ belongings to and from homes throughout the Boston region. The results were astounding, with his steps ranging from a low of 14,442 to an impressive 35,582 – more than three times the recommended Fitbit goal of 10,000 steps daily, according to the article. That means Caspreac essentially walked more than 16 miles on his highest count – all the while carrying boxes and furniture.

Moving on StairsStair Climber

Another great way that you get an extra workout on moving day is through all the extra stairs that you climb during the day. Depending on what floor you’re moving to or from or how many floors are in your existing or new home, you could be looking at a significant number of extra vertical steps that you have to climb during your unpacking and unloading process.

The stairs can add up quickly. For example, say you live on the third floor at your current apartment and take 20 trips up and down to carry items in and out of your apartment. That means you took 40 flights of stairs during your moving out process. If it takes the same number to move to a new second-floor apartment, that means you took another 20 flights of stairs during your unload – a total of 60 flights during the day. In a 2013 article in The Wall Street Journal, University of Tennessee professor David Bassett Jr. notes that each flight of stairs averages 10 steps, which equates to roughly 38 steps on flat terrain. Using those figures, that means your trips added almost 2,300 extra step equivalents to your day – nearly a quarter of the suggested daily walking distance – not to mention that you were carrying all the extra weight of your belongings, as well.

Dead Lifts

Moving a CouchEvery box you move will have different materials inside, and obviously your boxes full of extra sheets and pillows will weigh less than your boxes of books and kitchen dishes. However, most of your boxes will have a fairly significant weight, making them a hefty deadlift from the floor to the truck and from the trailer to the new home. Using data from the estimated weight calculator, an average medium-sized box weight 21 pounds, with large boxes at twice that at 42 pounds and extra-large boxes weighing about 70 pounds.

If you figure that your 20 trips had an average weight across all of your boxes of 40 pounds, that means that you were hauling more than 800 pounds down the stairs and then again back into your new home. This doesn’t even count the weight of your furniture, and large items like mattresses and sofas can weigh well more than 200 pounds. Estimating the overall weight of belongings that are moved in an average-sized home, you are looking at moving upwards of 1,500 pounds both down and out of your current place and then into your new house or apartment – quite the upper body workout!

Of course, finding the perfect place to move to is a major part of any planned relocation. Whether you’re just moving across town or are looking to find your new place in Detroit or Indianapolis, Garner Properties & Management can help you find the perfect location in a great neighborhood with the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and other features you need. Let our housing experts find you your next home. Take a look at our full listings online, or contact us today to schedule an appointment or showing.

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