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Property Management Benefits for Renters

June 4th, 2015 garnerproperties
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Property management services, despite what the name may imply, aren’t designed solely for property owners. At Garner Properties & Management, we can help those looking for a new location for their business or the perfect home find exactly what they need, but the benefits of working with us don’t stop on moving day. Last month we discussed some of the advantages for owners who use a property management company. Now, let’s take a look at some of the advantages for tenants of working with professional property managers.

Finding a PropertySearch assistance

First and foremost, starting your search with a property manager immediately gives you a greater level of access and options than you would have by searching on your own. Most property management companies have a plethora of properties in their care, meaning that if you have specific neighborhoods, features, amenities or any other requests in mind, they can review their available properties to find the location that’s best suited for you. Whether you need a commercial office property with a full kitchen or are looking for a rental home with a king-sized master suite, Garner Properties’ helpful staff will work with you to find the perfect place.

Excellent maintenance

Another benefit of managed properties is that locations with professional management tend to be more well maintained and in better condition than owner-managed properties. At Garner Properties, we strive to keep both tenants and owners happy, and a big part of that is keeping up on regular needs. If you have a leaky faucet in your home, fixing it promptly is to everyone’s benefit. Tenants benefit from having a more functional fixture and not wasting water; the owner benefits by catching a small problem before it becomes a major issue; and we benefit by protecting the owner’s property and ensuring a safe and problem-free home for renters.

24/7 availability

Speaking of leaks and problems, Murphy’s Law dictates that if an issue is going to occur, it will happen at the most inopportune time. If you’re renting directly from an owner, he or she may be unavailable or out of town and unable to tackle a pressing concern. Even worse, repairing the problem may not be a priority to them or may be handled by an owner’s friends or family, meaning your sink ends up being fixed by the owner’s Cousin Bob weeks after the drain was blocked. As SFGate notes, property management organizations like ours are available for those night, weekend and emergency needs, and will be there to tackle the problem with professional and prompt service.

Communication MediationCommunication mediation

Working with a property manager can also provide a bit of a communication buffer to relay concerns or problems between owners and tenants. Tenants will always receive courteous and professional communication with Garner Properties, and we will work as a go-between to help convey any concerns or issues from and to each party. When dealing with owners directly, it can sometimes be difficult to reach out directly or you may experience a more emotion-driven response. A property manager can weed through that, and work directly with each party to resolve concerns or problems.

Help finding the next place

Property SearchA final advantage of working with a property manager is developing a relationship with a company that can help you when it comes time to look for a new location. Whether your business needs require a bigger location, your family has grown and needs a larger home or you just need a new apartment that is closer to your new job, having the relationship with the property manager opens doors for you to find new properties easily. Since you’re an existing renter, you won’t need to go through a qualification and screening process again, SFGate notes, plus they can often help and work with you regarding move-in and move-out date timing to make the transition smooth. Also, as a manager of many different properties, Garner Properties and other companies have access to a network of homes and commercial locations that may be more suited to your specific needs or offer features you weren’t able to find in your initial search.

Find out more about all the ways that Garner Properties can help you find the home, apartment, office or other commercial space that is exactly what you need. Contact us today and get started with your search.

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