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May 31st, 2015 garnerproperties
Rental Property Search

Finding a new home or apartment is often a major hassle. You have to try and identify the ideal places for you based on the needs of your commute to work, social obligations, children, affordability and more. Fortunately, this searching process has become much more manageable and adaptable in recent years with more and more property managers and landlords listing available properties through numerous online utilities.

As we covered previously, Garner Properties participates in a number of online apartment and home search sites to market the rentals we have more visible to would-be renters. Here’s a quick look at a few of the most popular and convenient search utilities to help you find your next home.


OLX, short for OnLine eXchange, is an online classified listings site. Serving major metropolitan areas around the world, the site has boomed in popularity during the last decade of its existence and has become a valuable tool for those searching not only for new residences, but also for furnishings, autos, electronics and much more.

An official service of the Real Estate Investors Association, provides a one-stop shop for agents and agencies throughout the country to share their available listings. The site offers options to help narrow down amenities or features that you’re looking for in your prospective home, including dog- or cat-friendly housing, smoke-free options and wheelchair accessibility. is another great resource for finding the perfect place for you. This site offers a vast array of housing types to refine your search, including apartments and condos through vacation properties and townhouses. As with other sites, searchers can refine their parameters to focus on specific features and amenities, including community features (for properties with access to shared areas, like pools, tennis courts and weight rooms), pet policies and much more. also offers an app for iOS and Android devices.

Apartments.comRental Property Search

Previously, incorporates much more versatility in finding properties in a specific geographic area. The site’s tools allow users to search custom-drawn grids within a city area and search for rentals within that drawn area or areas, sortable by price, amenities and more. The site also helps searchers decide how long of a commute they can expect from places within their search area to their workplace, providing more information for those weighing the pros and cons of different prospective properties. also has apps for mobile and tablet devices.


HotPads is a popular and free option that has been a part of the Zillow Group since 2012. The site gathers information from many different sources and overlays properties on a Google map-based search grid, allowing users to easily dig into the available properties in the specific region you’re looking at. The site also offers a mobile app, including the ability to search for available properties near your current location while exploring prospective neighborhoods.

Of course, while we list our properties on these partner sites, we also maintain our own listing site as well to help you find your new home or apartment. Give us a call or stop in to one of our office locations and see how we can work with you to locate the perfect new place.

Written by garnerproperties

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