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Moving: A Great Hassle, but a Fantastic Workout

Moving on Stairs

*+-Moving is a major hassle no matter how many times you do it. You have to box, bag and bundle everything up, load it all into your car or truck –perhaps taking multiple trips – and then unload, unbox and completely unpack at your destination. Despite the stress, there are a few silver linings to […]

Indianapolis, Detroit Rank Among Top 10 Most Affordable Metros

Detroit Skyline

*+-  When it comes to searching for an apartment, renters in Indianapolis and Detroit are in an excellent position in terms of price. Earlier this year, Forbes released its list of the most affordable cities in America, and for another straight year, both cities landed within the top 10. Let’s take a look at a […]

Should You Include Utilities at Your Rental Property?

Utility Bill

*+-Every home, whether your own or a rental property, invariably has utility service needs. For the typical home, there will be water and sewer, electricity and gas, with some locations also having additional services that may need to be accounted for. The question each rental property owner must ask is whether or not to include […]

Pets: Looking at Requirements and Restrictions

*+-When it comes to renting out a home or residential property, one consideration that each landlord or owner needs to make is whether or not to allow prospective tenants to keep pets. This is a decision that varies from person to person, and even depending on the condition of the rental property. For example, if […]

Foreign Investors Buying Big in US

Foreign Investments

*+-  Investing in rental property and commercial real estate has been a sound strategy for decades, and the market continues to stay hot with many buyers and investors. Most noticeably, though, foreign property owners and potential buyers have streamed into the U.S. market in recent years, with Chinese buyers leading the way according to a […]

Managing Multifamily Properties

Detroit Skyline

*+-There are many different types of housing in the marketplace, ranging from small apartments to homes and duplexes to many unit housing complexes. Garner Properties & Management has experience with managing it all, and has years of experience with managing multi-family properties for a number of our clients. These shared occupancy buildings come with their […]

Repair or Renovate with Garner Properties

Bathroom Renovation

*+-One of the biggest aspects of appealing to prospective tenants is keeping your property updated and in good condition. As renters come and go from your home, it continues to be subjected to the wear and tear of regular use, which can lead to cracked flooring, scuffed counters or myriad other potential problems. Whether it’s […]

Understanding Your Security Deposit

Security Deposit

*+-A common practice at many rental properties is requiring a security deposit from new tenants. This deposit is intended to be returned to tenants when they leave, except for deductions for any acceptable expenses that the landlord incurs for cleaning or repairing tenant-caused damages or other approved purposes. There are certain guidelines in each state […]

Find the Right Tenants with HELP-U-RENT


*+-One of the most trying and difficult parts of managing your own property can be finding and securing tenants. The last thing you want is to get tenants into your home only to struggle with late or missing payments or damaged property. While this is always a potential risk with any tenancy, screening and getting […]

What to Do with What’s Left Behind

Abandoned Couch

*+-At the end of the lease – or sometimes, in the unfortunate case of an eviction – tenants may leave behind belongings. Whether intentionally done or unintentionally forgotten, there are a number of specific protocols that must be followed to ensure compliance with the requirements of the law. Here’s a review of the legal requirements […]